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Internationally Accredited
"Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them."

- Maria Montessori

Our Staff

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Starla Franks, Director and Upper Elementary Teacher

Has Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori training and her Washington State Teaching Certificate. Additionally, she has a Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Elementary Education from WGU. Starla has been with the school since 2000.

Linda Geiss, Upper Elementary Teacher

Has had preschool and elementary training from Spring Valley Montessori. She has worked in Montessori programs for several years. She has been with our school since 1996.

Karen Nelson, Kindergarten and Lower Elementary Teacher

Has a BS and MA in Education from Seattle University. She received her Montessori training from the St. Nicholas Training Center in London. She has completed training in advanced Montessori materials from the Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington. She has taught public school in California. She has a Washington State Certificate.

Edith Bollozos, Kindergarten and Lower Elementary Teacher
Kim Romo, Preschool Teacher

Has completed her Montessori certificate from North American Montessori Center (NAMC). She has been a staff member at Discovery Montessori since 1997.

Jessica Contreras, Preschool Teacher
Brenda Randol, Preschool Assistant
Iwona Sutton, Teacher's Aide
Valerie Nelson, Teacher's Aide
Markisa Griffin, Teacher's Aide
Alyssa Shilston, Teacher's Aide
Jessica Guzman, Substitute
Madison Watson, Teacher's Aide
Kindra Priest, Office Staff
Maya George, Substitute